Gullah/Geechee Famlee Day 2022

Cum jayn we fa Gullah/Geechee Famlee Day 2022 pun historic

St. Helena Island, SC een de Gullah/Geechee Nation!

We annual Gullah/Geechee Famlee Day gwine be hosted by

Queen Quet, Chieftess of the Gullah/Geechee Nation (


De Gullah/Geechee Nation Wisdom Circle Council of Elders and Representatives

		Gullah/Geechee Famlee Day 2022 image

Bring your entire family to an authentic Gullah/Geechee afternoon featuring numerous Gullah/Geechee presentations, crafts, food, and businesses. DJ Kwame Sha of All Mobile Productions™ (AMP™) will spin a mix of global Black music that will keep you dancing throughout the day.

Bring your chairs and an open uplifting spirit. Bring drums and tambourines to join in as we open the circle and honor the ancestors.

Ef hunnuh waan yeddi bout who webe cum jayn we at disya reunion of de Gullah/Geechee Famlee!

		Gullah/Geechee Famlee Day 2022 image

		Gullah/Geechee Famlee Day 2022 image

		Gullah/Geechee Famlee Day 2022 image

The sponsors and hosts of Gullah/Geechee Famlee day will not assume liability for any injuries, losses, illness nor deaths of any attendees. By attending the event you assume your own personal liability. You are responsible for your own PPE and the safety of your property and person. Social distancing is encouraged.


  1. Andrea

    Thank you to the GullahGeechee nation for all you are and all you have done. Thank you to us ADOS for holding on in the mist of the most terrific oppression known. To us be the glory and the honor sincerely.

  2. Paulette Hayes

    I would love to bring my family, as my Son-in law is from Ghana and express interest in the festive. If granted tickets, we will develop our family vacation around the tip. I am a avid viewer of the TV Cook Cardi


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