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Coastal Cultures Conference 2022: Sea Island Coastal & Cultural Heritage Sustainability

The Gullah/Geechee have lived on the Sea Islands since the 1500s and have been able to sustain their cultural heritage and their coastal homeland through their own traditional indigenous knowledge practices. They are melding these practices with modern technology as part of their climate action and cultural continuation strategy. Cum fa yeddi bout disya wid we!

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Fa Mama Dem een de Gullah/Geechee Nation: A Legacy of Gullah/Geechee Female Freedom Fighters

Every Women’s Herstory Month / Black Women’s Herstory Month, I reflect on the blessed harvest of knowledge that GOD has allowed me to cultivate by not simply reading about or watching videos of these powerfilled Gullah/Geechee female freedom fighters. I give thanks for the abundant harvest that has been part of my life because they each saw fit to plant seeds of knowledge into my mind and soul. They showed me tools to use at the right time to cut out things that would not be beneficial nor uplifting to me or to the movement for the rights of women, Black people and especially those that are Gullah/Geechee. They knew how and when to cut just as my mother does and all her mothers before her did. I am thankful that they placed the knife in my hands in the field.

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