Monthly Archives: October, 2023

Nature Walk on Historic St. Helena Island in the Gullah/Geechee Nation

Join the community of historic St. Helena Island in sustaining the environment and their cultural heritage. Be a part of the nature walk and then join in Gullah/Geechee Agroculture Day.

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Gullah/Geechee Agroculture Day: Sustaining and Celebrating St. Helena!

Jayn we pun historic St. Helena Island fa Gullah/Geechee Agroculture Day 2023! Sustaining and Celebrating St. Helena! Cum jayn we and bring hunnuh Famlee! Saturday, October 28, 2023Noon to 3 pm Regista ya: Jayn de Gullah/Geechee Famlee down by de RiverSide! Come out and Help engage in theĀ Gullah/Geechee CREATE Marine Debris Removal project as …

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Gullah/Geechee Living Heritage and Sustaining Legacy on the Land

In America, the word “heritage” is often bantered about without a clear examination of its definition in English and the origin of what is being considered “heritage.” So, I thought it not robbery to take a journey into the etymology of this word for “Gullah/Geechee Cultural Heritage Awareness Month.” A brief online examination of the …

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