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The Gullah/Geechees came together to declare themselves as a nation on July 2, 2000 with international observers and media present.

De Gullah/Geechee Nation Map

The Gullah/Geechee Nation exist from Jacksonville, NC to Jacksonville, FL.  It encompasses all of the Sea Islands and thirty to thirty-five miles inland to the St. John’s River.  On these islands, people from numerous African ethnic groups linked with indigenous Americans and created the unique Gullah language and traditions from which later came “Geechee.”   The Gullah/Geechee people have been considered “a nation within a nation” from the time of chattel enslavement in the United States until they officially became an internationally recognized nation on July 2, 2000.   At the time of their declaration as a nation, they confirmed the election of their first “head pun de boddee”-head of state and official spokesperson and queen mother.  They elected Queen Quet, Chieftess and Head-of-State for the Gullah/Geechee Nation (www.QueenQuet.com).


Queen Quet is the first elected Chieftess and Head-of-State for the Gullah/Geechee Nation.

The Gullah/Geechee Nation can be reached at

Gullah/Geechee Nation Headquarters

Post Office Box 1109

St. Helena Island SC 29920

(843) 838-1171 or email GullGeeCo@aol.com

The Gullah/Geechee Nation Declaration states:


To preserve, protect, and promote our history, culture, language, and homeland and to institute and demand official recognition of the governance (minority) rights necessary to accomplish our mission to take care of our community through collective efforts which will provide a healthy environment, care for the well beings of each person, and economic empowerment.


As we are the authentic original Gullah/Geechee Nation with direct linkage to our ancestral legacy, we stand as custodians of Gullah/Geechee culture and protectors of our human rights. Henceforth, being the ONLY and TRUE keepers of the Gullah/ Geechee cultural legacy, upon us falls the responsibility to promote in an accurate and positive manner all aspects of Gullah/ Geechee culture by emanating knowledge and healing souls. This process is guided through the release of the full story of the foreparents of Gullah and Geechee ancestral souls and the wisdom of our elders.

WE intend to protect the development and construction of Gullah/Geechee culture through the establishment of appropriate institutions and law by the exercise of our human rights. Presently this is being achieved through and during conferences, workshops, festivals, and other celebrations of culture and the continuation of oral traditions, living history, crafts, skills, and reconnection to the soil. The establishment of this Constitution will guarantee the continuation by the exercise of our minority right to self-determination.

WE will link with organizations, other nations, and institutions that are contributing positively to the cultivation of our nation.insuring that those connections are carried out with dignity and honor.

In the tradition of our foreparents we will record in written form OURSTORY as a living testament to our Gullah/Geechee legacy. We will also broaden our continuum through the use of electronic and video and audio means of documentation. Through the exercise of our human rights, we will be the keepers of this material as we accept the responsibilities of defining ourselves and our ancestors.

WE will preserve, maintain, and reclaim ALL elements of our homeland which will FOREVER be our base of existence as we carry out these goals. With these goals in mind, Gullah/Geechee people take formal recognition of their nation and their human right to self-determination within the context of their minority governance rights, and thereby, the Gullah/Geechee Nation Wisdom Circle Council of Elders, by its hands, spirit and soul undertakes the task of creating and ratifying the first Constitution of the Gullah/Geechee Nation.


The Gullah/Geechee Nation Constitution is 21 pages long.  It is the document of governing principles by which the Wisdom Circle Council of Elders and the Assembly of Representatives operated as the right and left hands of the Head-of-State.

Official flag of the Gullah/Geechee Nation

Queen Quet, Chieftess of the Gullah/Geechee Nation educates about the meaning of the national flag of the Gullah/Geechee Nation:

In order to keep up with the latest information regarding the Gullah/Geechee Nation, please subscribe to our Gullah/Geechee Nation blog or click on the link below to access it, subscribe to our monthly international ezine “De Conch” by emailing the Gullah/Geechee Sea Island Coalition at GullGeeCo@aol.com, watch Gullah/Geechee TV Nayshun Nyews and subscribe for FREE on YouTube, and tune in to Gullah/Geechee Riddim Radio and subscribe for FREE on iTunes.  All a disya gwine le hunnuh kno who webe fa tru an fa sho!  Ef hunnuh wan buy Gullah/Geechee tings, den gwine ta de Gullah/Geechee Nation’s online store: www.gullahgeechee.ecwid.com or at www.gullahgeechee.biz fa support we!


  1. teach me more…

    • Hello,

      I have geechee family in South Carolina, primarily Jamestown area as this is where my dad’s family were born and raised. Do you know any of the Hallback’s, Nixon’s or Richardsons? As far as I know both sides of his family outside of my generation were all from the same area. Can you provide me with information on how to retrieve more familial records as well as slave records?

      • Peace!

        You need to go to the SC Department of Archives and History in Columbia, SC for more records.

      • Caylee C

        I have been doing quite a bit of research at ancestry.com and have traced both sides of my family-both mom and dad’s people from right yah-all the way back to the 1880’s and beyond! Might be a good place for you to start, although you CAN, as Gullah/Geechee Nation stated, visit the SC Dept. of Archives if you are close or don’t mind making the trip. There are also some records online, also…

    • Tauheed Guy

      My ancestor was Mingo Brown, Have you heard that name before?

    • Larry Adams

      Peace. I am from the Adams family of Kingstree and the Rice family of Bamberg.

      • Caylee C.

        Rice family of Bamberg??! I would say we almost HAVE to be related!

    • Charisse Malloy

      This is a stretch for me as all of this makes sense. Oldest known person in my family volie daniels or addie battle both my great grandmothers surnames. Idk.

    • latriese caine singleton

      i would like find out more information my father from Branchville Sc. And my name Caine. But to slave issue we change it to Cain My grandparent are Samual and Julia Caine and grandmother was Wiilaimson

      • We are not familiar with that area nor surname.

  2. Peace Queen,

    My great grandmother Lucy was born circa 1875 to sharecropper parents and was Gullah Geechee. She married a man last name Fludd and we also have a great grandmother Cuthbert are these names known in the Nation?

    • Peace!

      We have heard the name “Fludd” before, but it is not common here. There is a “Cuthbert” family on St. Helena Island, SC. You may want to come to our “Gullah/Geechee Reunion Day” of our international festival to see if we can introduce you to them: http://www.gullahgeechee.info

      • Yes, I think that would be a good thing to do.

        In Gratitude,


      • Nathan

        Fludd is common in Mount Pleasant, SC in both the Scanlonville area and Snowden area.

    • Peace Queen to you again,

      After some inquiry, I have learned that great-grandmother Lucy’s family name was Rich. Wonder if yah-all know that name there. She married John Wesley Fludd and they both were share croppers in Summerton.

      Thank You!

    • Juan Fludd

      I have been trying to find any link or correlation to the Fludd name and the Gullah nation as well. I would love to share trade any info or history with you, Although I have very little.

  3. devante

    how can i get my own flag

    • Peace!

      Currently Gullah/Geechee Nation flags are sold out. They will not be available to the public again until “Gullah/Geechee Nation Appreciation Week” in July. You will then be able to purchase them again online at http://www.gullahgeechee.biz.

  4. Amina

    Is Bethea a common name in the nation? My great grandmother and grandmother are from Dillon, SC.

    • Peace!

      That is not a common name here.

    • Lenise Graddy

      My mother is turning 90 years old in July. Her Surname is Bethea and she always refers to having family in Dillon, S.C.

      • Peace!

        That is not a surname that we are familiar with here. However, we are familiar with Dillion and some of our people reside there.

    • Lenise

      Hello….My mother’s maiden name is Bethea. She was from the Dillion, SC area as well. Her grandfather was Geechee

  5. Ernie Johnson

    My grandmother on my fathers side was named LULa vanc and myathrs name was Ernest Vance,and brother Douglas.

  6. Lee


    Is anyone knowledgeable about the Davis family from Sumter SC? Apparently, they are Gullah that moved to the mainland many years ago but I’m trying to find out their original location (my grandmother died before I was born but was said to have a very strong accent) Does anyone know where there are a large number of Davis’ on/near the islands today? I’m sure some family decided not to leave. I’m doing genealogy research and any help is greatly appreciated.

    • John Herrmann

      A Davis family lives in Rochester NY with origins in Kingstree and the Black River SC area

      • Marcus wardell Hines

        Hi are gallah gheechee in the cario Georgia Small Town near florida- are The Hines surname are common in the culture. My uncle inform us that we are

      • Peace!

        We are not familiar with that town. Is it a coastal town or is it inland?

        Hines is not a common surname throughout the Gullah/Geechee Nation.

    • Angie

      Try looking in Charleston, SC. There is a Davis family on James Island, one of the sea islands. Jenkins orphanage has a heritage center on its grounds with records you can look through.

    • mari

      I might be able to help you with the Davis family from Sumter, SC. Apparently, my great, great grand dad on my mom side is from Sumter, SC and his last name was Davis.

  7. Vashone

    Peace Family,

    This site is incredible. It is rare for us, as a family scattered by hate trying to finds way back together.

    I have ties to the Brown, Harley and Brown lines in Charleston. My mother always said that we were Geechee but I never knew what that was. I am in Florida now. I am available for more information.


  8. arthur a edens

    I had 2 uncles Louis Murphy,and Heller Murphy from the Gullah area.I intend to attend some events this year.

  9. Durriyyah

    My great grandmother was geechee. Her name was lula Mae Johnson. She traveled up north to work fora white woman as a house keeper.

  10. Nadia

    Good morning to you Queen Quet and family across,

    I thank you for everything you’re doing for the Nation and American culture. I also heard a lot of connection stories growing up about the Gullah and Geechee where some of family celebrated the relation and some were shamed by it, specifically the tongue; almost like a secret. We’d been called Geechee by a lot of northerners who heard we were from Charleston when we moved moons ago but I didn’t understand it but in spute of, I rep my homeland still. It’s so wonderful to know that there is a Nation that connects us and people focused on preserving, protecting and educating on it. Question is, outside of stories here and there, how do we confirm our family ties to the Nation? I come from Cummings/ Dixon and Treadwell/Wright. Dad is from Jacksonville, Fl and names are Jackson, Davis and Brown. We’re definitely planning to visit for the festivals, w/ hopes of more answers. I appreciate you. In love always, peace.

    • Peace Nadia!

      There are new records that have been uncovered in the FL area of the Gullah/Geechee Nation that we may be able to link you to. An email will come from the Gullah/Geechee Sea Island Coalition in that regard. We do encourage you to bring your family to “Gullah/Geechee Reunion Day” as part of our international festival in August http://www.gullahgeechee.info.

    • Earl Jackson

      Hi Nadia,I saw your post and wondered if there is a connection here. I don’t think so, but it’s worth mentioning. My fathers family, the Jackson’s are from Jacksonville, FL. I was born and raised in Jacksonville. In Jax, I knew some Dixons and Wrights. My mother and her ancestors were from St. Helena, SC and Savannah, GA. I’m looking to visit SC in August for the music festival,

  11. Naomi D Daniels

    My family by name Herriot (great- grandmother) and Tucker ( great-grandfather) is this a name common they resided on Sandy Island, SC

    • Peace!

      Sandy Island people of African descent are Gullah/Geechee for sure.

  12. LaWanda Goodwine

    My husband’s family name is Goodwine. His father grew up in Saint Matthews, SC. I have traced his familiar line back to a Simpson/Sampson Goodwine. Would like to know where this beautiful family (what area of SC) originated from.

    Blessings on your Amazing Journey Queen and the Gullah/Geechee People

    • Peace Cousin LaWanda!

      From my many years of research, I concluded the Goodwine family origin point in North America is Charleston County, SC and then the migrations went on with some of us in Beaufort County and then as time continued on the others when to Florida and New York, etc.

      Queen Quet

  13. Hanani Shelomo

    Greetings and Peace,
    My Mother was born in Kingstree South Carolina from the Hannah Cooper people.
    Would that be a common name? My Father’s last name is Singleton.
    Thank you

    • Peace!

      We have heard of a few Coopers, but mostly inland. Singletons are throughout the Sea Islands. A very large group of them are on St. Helena Island, SC.

  14. Lana Lewia

    Both my grandparents were from this area my grandmother Emily Dagins-Frazier my grandfather was James Dagins, I believe he was from Yamisee, we came to Beaufort last year to a reunion and got awesome information. It is still as beautiful as it was. I think my people Whites Dagins Fraziers are on Lady’s Island, so you have any information on where they originated

    • Peace!

      First, we recommend that you simply contact the families with those surnames because they are still on Lady’s Island to find out from them the migrations of the families.

      Second, you should contact the SC Department of Archives and History for birth and death records and more details on the family members once you have names of the elders.

      Also, in regard to the location that you may also look into, make sure that you spell it “Yemassee.”

      • Lana Lewis

        Thank you very much

      • Hunnuh welcum!

  15. Tamara Foster

    Good evening Nation. I know this may be a reach but at my age of 32 I am finding that all of the elders in my family is leaving this earth. Recent deaths on my father’s side has brought me to want to know more of our past and our origins. We are all from western Kentucky, but I have always been told my grandmother that we have some Geechee in us *smile* Her father is who said was Geechee his name is Brown Foster. She told me that he got to Kentucky by hopping trains from the south. For some reason I want to say he came from the Florida area. Can you confirm if there are any in the nation with the last name Foster, or where the surname would have came from? Any information would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

    • Peace!

      Foster is not a common surname here. Also, keep in mind that many people simply called people from the south “Geechee” when they went northward, but they did not mean it in reference to our ethnic group. We encourage you to look into birth and death records of your ancestors and see if you can locate the birth places. We pray that you can find out more.

  16. Earl Jackson

    My name is Earl Jackson. My mothers name was Earline Thompson, of the Thompson family estate. Here mother was Maria Howard Thompson. Her father was Holden Thompson of St, Helena. Her siblings were Herber “Boy” Thompson and Roy Thompson. I am looking to get in contact with someone from the Thompson family.
    Earl Jackson – earltjack@comcast.net – 240 – 401 – 2112

    • On my mother side Thompson and Evans in the down south in my family.

  17. Bobbie R Poston

    Hello My name is Bobbie Poston. Recently I was on fb trying to see if I had any blood connection with another family with the same last name. I came across a guy who tried to help me with the process. After further research we didn’t find any connection but I was informed my family came from Anderson and may be geechee. Would any of you happen to hear of this name before or know anyone ?

    • Peace!

      Anderson is not part of the Gullah/Geechee Nation. Someone may have used Geechee in the incorrect manner that it was once used for all Black people from the south and it may not be the ethnicity of your ancestor. Poston is not a surname that we have heard here.

  18. Alfred Harun Thullah

    We have Nixon, Richardson, Greywoode, Davis, Dixon, Wright, Johnson, Williams etc in Sierra Leone

  19. Vanessa Ford

    My grandparents hailed from Dillon South Carolina, as a child I remember my grandmother who was a Ford saying that her Grandmother came over on the boat. As a child was not sure what that meant (still not sure ) Big boat from Africa or from the Island in SC to Dillon, any Ford’s and McCrae’s on the island

  20. My mother told me when I was very young that dad and grandfather were Geechers, st that time I didn’t understand what she ment. I grew up not understanding what a Geechee was, thing a Geechee was a black man from Portugal. Didn’t find out until five years that she was actually talking about a African tribe. My dad name was Joseph Jones and my grandfather name was Monroe Jones. Trying to trace their connection with the Gullah/Geechee Nation. How do go about tracing back my roots to the Gullah/Geechee nation? Is there any joneses that are there still living in any the location? I thank you in advance of any information you can give me.

    • Peace!

      Jones is not a major name here. What you would need to do, it find out from the oldest members of your family the county and state that the family evolved from. If you get that info, we can then assist you with further steps.

  21. MooreDNA

    Hi, Is the PeeDee area included as part of the Geechee lands? Thank you for your time and expertise.

    • Peace!

      Some of it such as Florence is!

      • Taryn Harris

        My family, the Davis’, Willis’, and Gause’s are from the Neck (between the Great and Little Pee Dee rivers) of Marion County! My grandfather used to tell me stories about growing swamp grass (rice). The Davis’ have lived in the Neck since at least 1803. Could we be Gullah?!
        I hope to learn more about SC’s Gullah culture and find ways to support it.
        As an aside, in Chicago, I once had a woman walk up to me and greet me in Gullah. She then explained that I looked like her Gullah people in SC and thought for sure that I was one!

      • Peace!

        That area has some Gullah/Geechee culture there. Rice growing was done a great deal there during chattel enslavement. A good deal more details would have to be provided to determine if the family is Gullah/Geechee or not though.

        In regard to supporting the continuation of Gullah/Geechee culture, please become a member of the Gullah/Geechee Sea Island Coalition (www.GullahGeechee.net) which you can do at this site where you can also support by purchasing items-www.GullahGeechee.biz. Also, please contribute to this on-going fundraiser link to help keep us on our land:

        Tenki Tenki fa hunnuh support!

  22. B.Bright

    I have been curious about the Geechee nation for many years. I must admit, Gullah is a new term for me. This is wonderful information.
    My maternal great-grandfather was born into slavery in VA (1840s) with the last name Raleigh, but took on the last name Brown after new slave ownership (unsure if the new slave owners also lived in VA). His family (unsure if it was his mother, father or both) was originally brought to America from West Africa “Guinea region.”
    My maternal great-grandmother was born in Mississippi. Her father was from Virginia and her mother from Missouri (unsure of their original place of birth/country). However, I was told by my mother that their daughter, Adlena (my mom’s mother), was Geechee (so, I’m now confused. Is it more likely that she was referred to as Geechee because her father was from Guinea and not because, as I had always believed, she had roots in the Carolinas, FL or GA area)? I look forward to visiting GA and the Carolinas very soon. Thank you for all that you do…

    • Peace Brenda!

      Your theory could be correct. However, it is very likely she was calling her Geechee because of character traits without having knowledge of the ethnicity. Many people did this with people from the south. In any case, there are Geechees in Mississippi that ended up there due to forced migration from our coast to the deep south just before the US Civil War.

      You should join us for our international festival which is when we host “Gullah/Geechee Reunion Day:” http://www.gullahgeechee.info

  23. First I just want to say you are super beautiful, and you look like my father side of my family.A friend of yours and he thinks we are related and told me to ask you if any these names familiar.Then I saw your picture and all I see is my grandmother Evelyn E Butler (Fields) and she married my grandfather Howard B. Myers.Both of my grandparents are passed. Both of my grandparents are from Hampton, South Carolina.Im little scare of this may be a empty end but I rather to try and find out my roots. I pray I finally found my family tribe.Divorced and have 8 children and I really love my children to know who their roots before I die. I’m the only Hersey chocolate 🍫 in my mother side and I know the tribe on that side.I really luv to know where I get all this malanin from and how beautiful it is. Peace sista.God Bless 😊

    • Tenki Tenki Sista Johnson!

      Hampton County is full of Gullah/Geechee folks! There are Fields on St. Helena Island also. So, you need to be here for “Gullah/Geechee Reunion Day!” Gwine ta disya http://www.gullahgeechee.info

      Queen Quet

      • Queen Quet Amen. God is so gud. This made tears to my eyes bcuz I had a stroke last year n lived and recovered that I know that find my Tribe and part of our Tribe. Your friend Reuben was right, if it wasn’t him, I would have never known about you and know I’m part of out Tribe. .

      • Queen Quet Amen. God is so gud. This made tears to my eyes bcuz I had a stroke last year n lived and recovered that I know that find my Tribe and part of our Tribe. Your friend Reuben was right, if it wasn’t him, I would have never known about you and know I’m part of our Tribe.

    • Adrian Myers

      I’m a Myers from Dillon Sc ..But My Grandfather Jobie Myers was From Hampton SC Too!!!

  24. Part 2:
    Queen I just saw my grandmother mother name is Covin Brown. Is surname Brown familar?

    • EXTREMELY familiar!

      • I can’t wait to meet you Queen Quet!! ✊✊🤗🙄 I was told from my uncle that my grandma keep this secret that we are Geechee n that pissed me off because I would known about our tribe sooner. My uncle told me they were ashamed of being Geechee in the past, because of difference of language and growing rice and my grandma who has passed hid this to the grave. I’m the only person that found and expose who was her real mother Corin Brown from her social security records who was her birth mother(Brown)and father(Bulter) and ex-husband (Fields) married before married my grandpa(Myers). She even told everybody she was married once. But records do not lie under your social security number. SMH. I don’t understand that and I’m ashamed that they did this to our Tribe. This broke my heart, but u mend my heart. God Bless You Queen Quet🤗🤗🙏

  25. Michelle August

    I was 5 or so when I first heard Geechee mentioned by my mother. She replied that someone looked Geechee based off of facial features. I kept that memory with me for over 30 years. While doing some soul searching a few years ago, I ran across the Gullah Geechee vids on youtube and was astounded at how similar my New Orleans upbringing was to yours. I am interested in finding out if my family are possibly Geechee.

    • Peace!

      Let us know what you find out about your family. However, the story that you put forth doesn’t sound like they would be based on what your mother said. We wouldn’t speak of our people as “looking Geechee” necessarily, but other folks that are not Gullah/Geechee have done that.

  26. Rachel Jones

    My great grandfather was Jim Jones and his son Caesar Jones. Are you familiar with any of these names?

    • From where?

    • Curt

      There was a Caesar Jones on Hilton head my grandfather spoke of check the old census records

  27. Dj McRae

    My family is from Savannah, is there any information on the McRae family or Powell family?

    • Peace!

      You should visit some of the historical societies on the Georgia coast since you definitely know that your family is from Savannah.

  28. Alaisha Green

    Peace Queen,

    I just have to say this is so amazing we as African Americans need to be able to identify with our own language and culture… my mother mentioned to me that my grandfather was a geechie and I just never took the time to learn about it… do you know of any Greens, Chisolms, Baumbs or McNish (those are last names)

    • Peace!

      There numerous Green and Chisolm families throughout the Gullah/Geechee Nation. The other surnames we are not familiar with. You need to find out the state and county that they are from.

    • Melissa D. M. Hornsby

      Hello, My father’s is Herman E. Chisholm and I am Melissa. I was told that we have family members that spell their last name without the extra “h,” like you have here. My grandfather was from Orangeburg, SC and is related to Shirley Chisholm. Does any of this sound familiar to you? email me so we can talk more.

      • Peace!

        The different spelling of that surname we are familiar with. However, Orangeburg is not within the Gullah/Geechee Nation. There are Gullah/Geechees that migrated there from the coast to attend college for the most part and some decided to live there.

  29. Victoria ann duncan

    What about last name Ward my mom told me my father was a geechie all I know some his people moved to New Jersey where I was born!

    • Peace!

      The people that we know of with that last name came to the coast from North Carolina and are not Gullah/Geechee. Obtain the county and state that he was from by obtaining his birth certificate and also a death certificate if he has passed away.

  30. Michelle Parker

    My grandfather name was Robert Parker. His brother was John Parker. Do these names sound familiar? Is there a place called Parkerville and a park named after John Parker

    • Peace!

      Those names are extremely common here. What area of the Gullah/Geechee Nation was he from-county and state? We never heard of the park.

  31. Sharon

    I am a Lawson, and we have Brown, Wade and Tyson and prichett my mom always said that we were Geechee are any of these names familiar to you?

    • Brown is very common here. Pritchett we’ve heard of, but cannot state exactly where.

  32. Sharon

    Hello and peace all my life my mom said wewere gullah from around carolina my grandma passed away very early so we got no real history except the memories of my mom……as far as i know our family names are…..Brown, Wade, Lawson, Tyson, Fitzpatrick and Pritchett do you know any of these names…..thanks

  33. Clark

    Hello and peace my lady is the name Coe familiar i am a Coe and my mothers maiden name was Hollins and Remson (Rimson).

  34. Devonnie Simmons

    Do you have a course online to learn the history, language, and culture of our people? Its been years since I spoke Gullah and was taught by my aunt at JK Gourdine Elementary so I’m very rusty. My Geechee accent is still there and very strong, but I would love to relearn. Also my last name is Simmons. I did research and my great (four or five greats ago) grandfather was Keating Simons. My family is from the Berkeley County area. My mom said is White, I think a Reverend White was their slave owners. I don’t know much about the Snipes. They are from Russellville/41 area. If you have anymore knowledge of that area please let me know.

    • Peace Ms. Simmons!

      Several Snipes moved to Charleston County, SC. In most cases, to find family members and to relearn the language you have to make a trip and be amongst the family. We do not tend to move far from our original locations. We do not teach our language at all due to all of the exploitation of our culture especially as it relates to people studying our language and writing incorrect translations. So, we encourage reconnecting with family in person to relearn our traditions.

  35. Jasper Wilkerson jr.

    Would you please let me know when flag are available.

  36. J

    Hello! Is there a term for the people that live inland just outside of the corridor in places like Kingstree SC and Eutawville, SC? I know the stories, food, and accents are huge in these small communities, but since they are about 50 miles inland, are they somehow different? Thank you.

    • They are South Carolinian. They usually do not have another distinction. The English “southern” accent is not the same as a different language. Gullah is it’s own language. There are some Gullah/Geechees that migrated to the two locations that you mentioned, but there are many others that do not trace their ancestry to these coastal areas.

  37. Chlyce L smith

    I’m trying to figure out if I’m apart of the Gullah/geechee nation! My family is from Charleston and Yamesse SC. My great grandma Bernice Brown was buried in Point South, South Carolina. My grandmother is Jaunita Brown-Smith. She always tells me about Pocotaligo and land that our family has. I’ve been 1 time…it was super country lol..the grave site my great grandma was buried you can trace names back to the 1800s. Names like Harry& Phobie, Julia,Genvia,Annie,John… I even still have this old family shirt with all the names on it it says “our family has a heart of gold” 1800-2000…I’ve had it since August 4, 2000..I was super young.. I just trying to figure out who all I’m related to and where am I from…

    • Peace!

      All of the places that you mentioned are in the Gullah/Geechee Nation and so are both those last names.

      • Chlyce L smith

        Well I hope to come one day soon and meet family I haven’t seen in years! Peace & love

    • Charm

      My grandmother(Mamie smith-lomax) had a sister Geneva smith. That I never met. Wonder if there’s a connection.

  38. Tameka

    Hello, I am heading to Charleston SC on December 8th to December 12th and I want to visit or tour a location that really gives me information regarding the Gullah/Geechee culture. Where should I visit ? Even locations outside of Charleston is fine.

    • Peace!

      We have several blogs on this site that provide you with listings of Gullah/Geechee owned and operated places including the “Gullah/Geechee Visitors Center.” You can take the “Sites and Insights Tour” in Charleston. Enjoy.

  39. Yvette Monique Reeves

    Greetings! Was wondering if anyone was familiar with the name Mann Feaster Reeves. He was my father. Born 1913 to John and Mattie Reeves. My father always said he was Geechee

  40. Michael Cuthbertson

    My family’s names are Cuthbertson & Monk. I’ve been meaning to Just curious about any connections. Thanks

    • Peace!

      We have “Cuthberts” here, but not “Cutherbertson” nor “Monk.”

  41. Cherrise A Price


    I am conducting some genealogical research on my family. My grandfathers name is James Erva Woods and I have only found records on him in adulthood in St. Simon Island. I was wondering if the Woods surname is common in the Gullah community.

    Thank you

    • Peace!

      Although Woods is not a common name here, St. Simon’s Island is definitely within the boundaries of the Gullah/Geechee Nation.

      • Cherrise A Price

        Thank you very much for your reply. I am still conducting research and I was hoping you may be able to help me a bit more. We believe that my grandfather may have changed his name for some reason. However, he did have a child on St. Simons Island with a woman named Maebell Givens. Is Givens a common surname? Also, is there some type of way to access birth records from the 1910’s on St. Simons Island? I know I am asking many questions but I am quite desperate for answers. Thank you for your time.

      • Peace!

        Givens is also not a common name here. However, you can check with the St. Simon’s African American Heritage Coalition at the schoolhouse on St. Simon’s about how to locate records for anyone born there.

      • jasper wilkerson

        I know of last name Wood or Woods in Woodbine Ga. Check with Sandra Lawrence @ 912-407-7494 / I know her brother last name Wood or Woods. You can ger her on Facebook as well.

      • Cherrise A Price

        Thank you so much Jasper!
        This information that you have provided has helped me so much!

  42. Chris McRae

    Is McRae or Powell part of the Gullah/GeGeechee Nation?

    • We’ve heard these names in Charleston, SC, but cannot say that the families originate there.

    • jasper wilkerson

      Mc Neal Cabbage Ford Ga. 7 mile from Woodbine Ga. Pass away.Jacksonville Fl. as well.

  43. Jeremy fain

    I live in new haven ct and my birth family is from plantersville sc. Dease, bromell, brown, greene nelson myers that i know of. But family reunion is in August this year in plantersville

  44. J.D.


    My folks are from Liberty County, GA. Do the surnames Bryant, Stevens, or Baker sound familiar? I have ancestors from Harris Neck & Sunbury.

    Thank ye and Peace.

    • Yes.

    • Donald Lovette

      There are several persons in Liberty County by those names. Email Rose Stevens Mullice at mullicers@gmail.com. She is well versed on the residents of Sunbury.

      • J.D.


        That name definitely sounds familiar.

        I’ll contact her when I get the chance.



  45. jasmine deneen jordan

    I just discovered my Geechee roots. I have always heard that I am Geechee, but I did not know what it met. I am still trying to learn. How can I keep the traditions alive in me? This is very important to me.

    • If you just learned you have a link here, how do you know the traditions? You can only keep something alive by living it.

  46. Sharon

    Have you heard of Grice, reed or lockridge.

  47. Theda Clay

    Salaam. After years of ingnoring my true self. My spirit has lead me to this point. Thank You for your existence and continued fortitude in the struggle to maintain our nation. I Will see you soon. You know who I be. I be Theda Clay Powell.

  48. Isaiah Powell

    I’m from Chillicothe Ohio. I’ve traced my Ancestry to the Lowlands. Has anyone heard of a Williams or Wakefield Family?

    • Peace!

      You mean “Lowcountry.”

      Williams is a common surname here, but not Wakefield.

  49. Bri

    Hello! I am currently trying to do research on my family’s history. Both of my parents are from South Carolina, my mother is from Barnwell, SC. Are the names Brown, Stowers, Leslie, Spear, Roundtree, French, Radical, Allen, Cane or Cave possible Gullah/Geechee surnames? Thank you and God bless; I love Gullah Geechee people and the culture!

    • Peace!

      Brown is a VERY common Gullah/Geechee surname. We have also met a small family of Roundtrees near the Charleston, SC area.

    • jasper wilkerson


  50. Lenise Graddy

    Hello, Queen and Peace to you, is the surname Burnsl found in the Gullah/Geechee area of SC? My mother is turninging 90 yrs old this July. She was born in Charleston, SC and would speak of family in Dillon and Latta, SC. I have a old photo of her grandfather who was full Geechee. Thank you for your time.

    • Lenise Graddy

      There was a typo….the surname of inquiry is Burns..Thank you

    • Peace!

      Burns has been mentioned, but not frequently here. The times that we have heard it. Nonetheless, the areas that you mention are areas where are people reside.

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