Queen’s Chronicle: Journey to the Land of Queens and Pharaohs Part 3

by Queen Quet, Chieftess of the Gullah/Geechee Nation (www.QueenQuet.com)

A three week journey to and in the land of Queens and Pharaoahs allowed me to be amongst those seeking to make history by healing the world to make it a better place. While doing that work, I was also reflecting on ourstory / history. I felt like a Sankofa bird had me on its back flying forward while still looking back to see what lessons humankind had missed or overlooked. Each time I stopped to ponder, I felt my hands touch what I have worn for decades-the key of life, the ankh. I thought of Stevie Wonder’s “Songs in the Key of Life” and I wondered what lyrics would be written and sung at the end of this journey. At that moment, I could hear polyrhythms and in my mind’s eye I was under a Sea Island oak tree with the ancestors shoutin. Aaah, I got a right ta de tree of life!

Life isn’t the first thing that most people think of when looking at the treasures that have been removed from the pyramids including the sarcophaguses that allowed you to look at the elaborate facial features of the African people that gave us science that is still being examined to this day. Yet, life is all around in the large families that are so loved here not unlike in my own land, the Gullah/Geechee Nation.

I found myself giving thanks for this opportunity once again and for the enlightenment on the dusty streets and amidst the ancient statues and golden items. I took the time to think more about the key to the future existence of the Black community in particular and how there needed to be a return to valuing family and quality of life.

I started looking into how people sustained their spirits here and I found that just like on the Sea Islands, many joined together to pray and to worship. I must have worn this energy on me and it radiated from my aura because brother after brother said to me, “You’re a Christian right? So am I.” and proceeded to show me wrist tattoos. This led to me looking into the Coptic church of Kemet and its early legacy. This research confirmed for me what I had dialogues with people about in the past concerning knowing the meaning of what you adorn yourself with and the energy that it carries. I have mentioned many times and written about how the womb of the ankh likely collapsed as people attempted to kill the spirits of people of African descent and as a result, we ended up with the cross that most people see in and on churches. Well, apparently, Egypt’s Coptic Christians of the 4th century AD regarded the ankh as a symbol of Christ’s promise of eternal life through his death and resurrection.  Some Egyptologists even believe that the ankh is a mirror due to the fact that “nkh” literally means mirror and that ancient Egyptians believed that the afterlife was a mirror reflection of life on earth.  Many will simply say, “As above, so below.” In this case, I had come full circle as this loop that I touched on my neck ignited more life in my spirit and served as a place to gestate more positive energy that could be birthed into our communities to bring us truly as the song says, “back to life, back to reality.”

The reality that we live in and create comes from the energy that we emit. Biblical scriptures teach us that as a man or woman thinketh, so is he or she. So, if we thought more about life and having it abundantly here, it would appear that we would truly be creating the heaven that many of us seek. Our lives here would reflect a place that we wouldn’t need to look forward to departing from to hope to find a better place on the other side. Why not take the key of life and open the door to this better life now?

This journey to this land only had me thinking all the more about the Sea Islands and the few of us that truly appreciate the land. That appreciation shows in what we do on it and with it and how we live peacefully with others therein. The balance that is needed is also represented in the ankh. Balanced living is always healthy. Good health extends life. Having a high quality of life is key. Yeah, hunnuh chillun, I got a right ta de tree of life!

So, the journey to this land only strengthened me and strengthened my stand and I not only had to say it, I tweeted it too:

Take a knee or take a stand.

Whaeba hunnuh do, hold pun de culcha and de land!

Ultimately, this is the key to keeping our culture alive in all of these lands from Kemet to the Gullah/Geechee Nation‘s islands in the sea. I give thanks for holding on to the key of life and having it open the way to continue this mission for me. May you find your key to a better and balanced life too. Hetepu.

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  1. Jay

    Queen Quet, thank you very much for sharing your journey and your knowledge.

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