Queen’s Chronicle: Journey to the Land of Queens and Pharaohs Part 2

The journey to Kemet is typically one done by those seeking to see one of the wonders of the world or someone in academia or spiritual studies looking for treasures amongst the stones of the pyramids or in the museums and through the translation of hieroglyphics. As much as seeing the pyramids, statues and the Sphinx is amazing, it turns out that the true treasures in this land are those that the pharaohs didn’t even want to depart with in death-the people.

From the time we journeyed out into the community to go to the pyramids, we were accosted by numerous folks wanting to take you on a tour or sell you a trinket or bring you to a shop. As always, the power of discernment led me to the right one. His name was Ramses. He took us on an unforgettable journey to where the Sphinx lies yet ruling over this space lined with 9 pyramids. On the way as we galloped through the community via a horse driven cart, we talked about family and within 10 minutes we were stopping to actually meet his who were walking along and smiling. Their energy was as warm as the sun that was definitely blazing.

Ramses became the first of many men that were intrigued by learning about the existence of the Gullah/Geechee Nation and who welcomed us to come to their homes to enjoy dinner with and/or stay with them and their family members. Throughout the journey we were able to hold conversations with the people we encountered and they appreciated not only us supporting their businesses and their country, but they appreciated our spirits. They pointed out time and again how we are the same people because our roots are from Africa. They talked about the sincerity and pure hearts that they saw within us and how that was different for them to encounter. Everyone gave us phone numbers to call them and stay in touch and encouraged us to return with our families in order to meet their families. The greatest part of it all was the numerous times that we were told “You are our friends and family now.”

This family reunion extended well beyond the Nubian and Egyptian people to the brothers and sisters of other countries in Africa that I engaged with at the United Nations Council of Parties (UN COP). I was extended invitations to numerous countries in the Motherland as I often am. I also saw on my social media folks commenting to enjoy the Motherland, but come on back to the Gullah/Geechee Nation too!

Just as my soul smiled due to being welcomed wherever GOD would have my feet to tread, I was surprised by sisters calling out my name or approaching me with hugs here in Kemet! My soul was blessed that the spiritual treasures emerged from all four corners of the world including the one that I had flown from to this land of queens and pharaohs. The gold that could be worn had its own value but couldn’t rank higher than the treasures of these embraces and finding family here which is a greater gift than the flowers and clothing that they bestowed upon me. When those things fade away, their words and the sincerity will live on. Shokrawn.

Queen Quet, Chieftess of the Gullah/Geechee Nation is sent a surprise gift of flowers during her stay in Kemet.


  1. Frankie

    So glorious and beautiful bouquet Queen Quet! How wonderful to have made a successful trip to Kemet.

  2. So Glorious and Beautiful Bouquet Queen Quet. So wonderful that you had a successful trip to the Land of the Queen and Pharaohs!

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