Khetnu Nefer Makin #GullahGeechee #BlackHerstory!

by Queen Quet, Chieftess of the Gullah/Geechee Nation (

Every March, I celebrate Black Herstory and Women’s Herstory Month.   This celebration includes honoring the legacy of our ancestral foremothers and working with power filled women from around the world.  One of those power filled women is a Gullah/Geechee herbalist, SiStar Khetnu Nefer from Charleston, SC in the Gullah/Geechee Nation.

Queen Quet and Khetnu Nefer at Unity in the Community

I up een ya shoutin bout wha Khetnu dun do!  De gal got e oin’t book outcha fa dem churn hep heal e sef.  I took the time to read Khetnu’s new book, “28 Days to A Soulful Life” as one of my Black History Month titles.  I decided to couple her book with my own book, “Preparing for Purpose Filled Prosperity,” and to read them day and night with meditation sessions in between.  I would encourage you to do the same and see if your energy isn’t boosted so that you can get a shout on too and then set out to do the best in all that you do.

If you truly want a Soulful Touch in receiving this new self-improvement book, I recommend obtaining this and a massage from Sister Khetnu at the first “Gullah/Geechee Herbal Gathering” this month.  Gwine ya fa regista:


If you can’t make it here, let Khetnu Nefer bring wellness to you via her company and this 28 day soulful life journey.  Contact her at

Khetnu Nefer of A Soulful Touch Wellness

Queen Quet and Khetnu Nefer of the Gullah/Geechee Nation


SiStar Khetnu, we gladdee hunnuh mekin mo #GullahGeechee #BlackHerstory!  We salute you!


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  1. Okomfo Aku Badu Akyenewa Cereboa

    Peace SistaRs…I Am PrayN 2Mak My Way down there soon..The Spirits Are Calling 2Me..&&& I MUST ANSWER &&& WILL ANSWER THE CALL..Very Soon..

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