2015 fa de Gullah/Geechee

2015 has been trying in so many ways and so much has happened here

It is hard to simply sit back and enjoy the end of the year.

I look back and remember all the family that was killed

And I can also look back on all the smiles and the days when we were thrilled.

With my mind’s eye there are so many things that I’ve been able to see

And I give thanks for the many blessings bestowed upon the Gullah/Geechee.

I thought back on the time spent working with and for folks in the community

And of the beautiful journeys on the world tour for “Gullah/Geechee Land & Legacy.”

I thought of the blessed spirits that surrounded me throughout the year

And the numerous protests my people entered into without fear.

I thought of the cameras that came in to catch the death and that which was sensational and how they are gone now.

Yet, the Gullah/Geechee family is still here together and embracing somehow.

As I give thanks for this being the case and praying that we go to higher ground

I also stopped to truly appreciate the oak trees and the land we own all around.

“Disya wha hunnuh da wok fa” mi yeddi fa tru.

Mi tenk GAWD fa disya and nod fa sey disya wha mi hafa keep gwine fa do.

Mi yeddi afar de clappin gwine on

And mi memba gain de meny touzun gone.

Mi pray fa e soul fa res and fa all wha cross oba een 2015 tuh

And den mi had ta pray fa de chillun and fa mi and fa u.

I walked along the waters and saw that they were moving, but seemed rather still

And then took the time to do what we usually do this time of year-just chill.

I reflected on the fact that even in the midst of all that folks attempted to do.

They couldn’t kill or break the Gullah/Geechee spirit!  Hunnuh chillun kno da fa tru!

So, as we gear up and 2016 draws near

I give thanks for all the people that showed us that they care.

We greatly appreciate all the support sent to the Carolinas, Georgia, and Florida too.

GAWD bless hunnuh famlee!  Happy Holy Days to you!

© 2015 Queen Quet, Chieftess of the Gullah/Geechee Nation Queen Quet Regally on the Marsh

All Rights Reserved.

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