Penn Center Community Relations Committee 2nd Meeting

Penn Center, Inc. has begun a Community Relations Committee (CRC). The Community Relations Committee is a standing committee of the Penn Center, Inc. Board of Trustees. It was established on December 8, 2017 in order to improve and enhance the relationship between Penn Center and the community it serves.

The CRC meets on the third Wednesday every two months at 6 pm in Frissell Hall at the Penn Center National Register Historic District.   The group was launched in January 2018. The Community Relations Committee will host at a minimum, 1 Community Forum each quarter and will also provide leadership and coordination for the Community Sing Program.    On March 21, 2018, the second CRC meeting was held which provided the community with feedback from the Penn Center Board of Trustees and staff on the community recommendations from the January meeting.

Penn Center Community Relations Committee FeedbackPenn Center Community Relations Committee FeedbackPenn Center Community Relations Committee Feedback


The community was introduced to the new staff members at Penn Center.  Penn is accepting applications for a number of additional employees, especially for the welcome center and summer youth and feeding programs.

The executive director provided an overview on the building projects that are still underway.  The next major building project will be the installation of a football field and area for volleyball and tennis behind the child care center.   Penn Center will also begin being fenced in before March ends.   A fitness & wellness center with two pieces of fitness equipment will soon open in Frissell Hall.  In addition to these things, staff is completing plans for a number of programming activities at the historic site in order to engage the community.   Included amongst the things that will be forthcoming in the next two months will be the completion of the farmer’s market which will provide spaces to local crafts artists on one day a week for free and the other days will be for farmers and seafood.

In addition to hearing the staff and structural updates, the community did a prioritizing exercise on 17 recommendations that had been made during the first meeting that no action has been taken on yet.  The responses to those items will be made available during the May meeting.  After the May meeting, the CRC will be structured and the actual power of the group will be determined.    A primary objective of the Community Relations Committee is to establish and maintain two-way communication between Penn Center’s board, staff and community members.

The next CRC meetings will be held at 6 pm at Frissell on:

• May 16
• July 18
• September 19
• November 21

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  1. kelly

    I hope someone knows what there are doing.Penn doesn’t get the foot traffic as it is.

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