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Queen’s Chronicle: Black Legacy Journey Part 2-Gullah/Geechee in Tennessee

I was barely in my seat when I saw the Carolinas, Georgia and Florida on the screen. I knew in that moment that this being a destination that I was determined to get to was not for naught. I felt immersed in the bush arbor once again. I refrained from clapping as much as I wanted to. I wanted to break out into a shout in this moment that was filled with peace.

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Queen’s Chronicle: Black Legacy Journey 1-I Feel a Song in My Heart Again by Queen Quet of the Gullah/Geechee

At any point in time that my soul gets weary, I find myself asking that question, “Lord why’d you enlighten me without the enlightenment of all my folks” and I get that same answer as in the song, “You set yourself on a quest for truth.” Yes, I am still thirsty for truth and that is why GOD must have put it in my heart to stop simply singing about it and to go on a road trip back to Tennessee.

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