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Gullah/Geechee pun de International Day of de Mudda Language

From April 1, 1999 when I first entered the United Nations to July 2, 2000, native Gullah/Geechees exercised their right to self-determination by doing a one year long election to have me as de Head pun de Bodee of de Gullah/Geechee Nation. I bin too gladdee fa see how e stand by mi and push mi fa gwine on crakin mi teet fa allawe ebeewhey. Yet, in the midst of my numerous journeys around the world to represent my people, I was not made aware that the beginning of International Mother Language Day took place only months after I made world history by sitting in the honored circle of the United Nations and speaking in a language that is not a “major language of the world.” The cheers that I received by doing this made it clear that it was a significant thing that I had been led to do and many told me to never stop. I listened and like the students in Pakistan, I was willing to die for the cause of holding on to a major aspect of my culture in order to honor my ancestors and my elders who were degraded because they were blessed to be bilingual and were strong enough not to assimilate.

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