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De Conch Wha Gwine on een de @GullahGeechee Nation Edition

De Conch is the international ezine of de Gullah/Geechee Nation. Een de Wha Gwine on Edition, hunnuh kin yeddi bout tings wha gwine on disya summa and fall een de Gullah/Geechee Nation. This edition provides information on a number of Gullah/Geechee fundraising projects and how you can support them. Learn about the events taking place and come out with your family. Ef bout we hunnuh wan kno den yeddi de conch da blo!

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De Conch August 2013 We Celebrate Our Own Edition

“De Conch” is the international ezine of the Gullah/Geechee Nation.  Each month this publication provides news and event listings so that the world can fully engage in working with natives of the Gullah/Geechee Nation in celebrating and continuing the history, culture, language and traditions.  In this edition, the Cummings Brothers who have set weightlifting records, …

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