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Queen Quet’s Gullah/Geechee Journey to Justice

The marks on the backs of Gullah/Geechee being thrown to the ground and kicked in the backs and whipped across their shoulders came to mind. I could see some running to try to get away from this brutality while they yet called out to GOD for protection. I could see them running from the injustice of this moment brought upon them simply because someone else did not want them to speak up. Someone else didn’t think their lives were worth enough for them to have the freedom to praise, worship, to gather, to speak, or to live. So, they were brutalized and slaughtered in the street. Denmark Vesey and Gullah Jack were hung in the street. The collective consciousness brings this image vividly to mind just as vividly as folks tied to the whipping tree in the middle of Charleston comes to mind and I can see and feel the pain as African folks are struck in the back…

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Queen Quet to De Charleston Gullah/Geechee Family in Honor of My Friend Clementa Pinckney

“I went passed the church yesterday and the day before And it looked like no one was there to open the door. I wondered if my BrotherPastorFriend was there. I wanted to just hug Clementa again and to share. I went passed the church to be With more of my Charleston Gullah/Geechee Family, I got …

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