Charleston County, SC @GullahGeechee Focusing on Climate Action

In 2020, the Gullah/Geechee Sea Island Coalition stood with the Charleston Climate Coalition to make you aware of James Island Town Council in South Carolina deliberating about the climate emergency here in the Gullah/Geechee Nation. On Tuesday, March 9, 2021, Charleston County Council will now take on this issue by considering a Climate Action Resolution and we need you all to write to Charleston County Council and tell them to VOTE YES on the Climate Action ResolutionThe comments need to be sent to by 6 pm on Tuesday.

The resolution reads as follows:

WHEREAS, there is scientific consensus regarding the reality of climate change and the recognition 

that human activity, especially the combustion of fossil fuels that create greenhouse gases,  exacerbated by unsustainable land use and development, is a key driver of climate change; and,

WHEREAS, our present climate crisis is widely recognized by government, business, academic, religious, and other community leaders as a clear immediate and long-term threat to the well-being of all communities, including Charleston County and its vulnerable populations; and,

WHEREAS, in addition to recognizing the environmental effects of climate change, County Council believes that the County must also address how climate change affects communities within Charleston County as it relates to race, socio-economic status, and inequity for people of color, immigrants, indigenous communities, low-income individuals, and persons with disabilities; and,

WHEREAS, if left unchecked, climate change will produce significant sea-level rise, flooding, more frequent heatwaves, droughts, wildfires, increasingly severe health impacts, food and water shortages, mass loss of local land and ocean biodiversity, and more severe and frequent extreme weather events that threaten Charleston County and all municipalities within its boundaries; and,

WHEREAS, without proper planning, the adverse impacts of climate change could exhaust and destabilize our infrastructure and emergency and social services; negatively impact our access to food, water, and energy; and disrupt commerce, local businesses, property, and our quality of life; and,

WHEREAS, to preserve and enhance the quality of life for all citizens of Charleston County, Charleston County Government has been proactive in the face of a changing climate, including creating the Greenbelt Program to protect greenspace, earning the U.S. Composting Council’s Seal of Testing Assurance for our composting program, adding a resilience element to the Comprehensive Plan, adopting an ordinance to reduce the use of plastic bags, incorporating a Chief Resilience Officer and Sustainability Coordinator as part of County staff, opening a brand new Materials Recycling Facility, and seeking grant funding to perform an All-Hazards Vulnerability and Risk Assessment .

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED BY CHARLESTON COUNTY COUNCIL, that Council hereby supports the education of residents and businesses on matters related to the climate crisis and its commitment to climate action, climate resilience, and sustainability policies that address the specific experiences, vulnerabilities, and needs of all people; encourages the development and implementation of an equity-centered, community-based, integrated climate action plan; and commits to work closely with municipal governments within Charleston County on their plans to address climate mitigation.


Tenki Tenki ta all hunnuh chillun wha stand wid we @GullahGeechee! De Chastun Climate Resolution passed! GREAT JOB CCC!

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