De Conch 2015 Golden Edition

Read, download, and share de @GullahGeechee international ezine, “De Conch” year end edition! ¬†Celebrate with the Gullah/Geechee Sea Island Coalition years of accomplishments and reconnections!

De Conch 2015 Golden Edition Cover

Gwine ta


  1. Stella Antley

    I join you in celebrating your Da Couch accomplishments …. Especially during Kwanzaa’ Third Day of Community Unity and Self Empowerment ….

    The Gullah/Geechee Nation Have made consciousness and community unity a mantra for all to witness and take pride in on behalf of all of the victims of the Diaspora…. “Happy Kwanzaa” Stella for the Slave Holding me

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  2. Habari Gani Sista Stella!

    Tenki Tenki fa standin and celebratin wid we!

  3. Ray

    Happy kawanza, to all in the Gullah Geechee Nation.Peace and Blessings to all in the years to come.And always know that the kingdom of Him is Righteousness Peace and Joy
    in the Spriit.

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