Gullah/Geechee Sea Island Coalition


In 1996 the Gullah/Geechee Sea Island Coalition was founded by Marquetta L. Goodwine who has since been enstooled as Queen Quet, Chieftess and Head-of-State for the Gullah/Geechee Nation.   At that time, she saw the need to bring people around the world together in order to protect a branch of Africa’s tree that took root in North America which had became a place of consistent “destructionment” and displacement of Gullah/Geechee people.


No other organization in the world existed with “Gullah/Geechee” in the name until the Gullah/Geechee Sea Island Coalition came into being.  This has become the premiere organization for the continuation of Gullah/Geechee culture and the protection of the rights of Gullah/Geechees.
The Sea Islands and the Lowcountry occupying thirty-five miles inland from Jacksonville, North Carolina to Jacksonville, Florida is now the Gullah/Geechee Nation.   Through this region runs the United StatesGullah/Geechee Cultural Heritage Corridor that was founded through an act of the United States Congress.   The Gullah/Geechee Sea Island Coalition was the leading organization in the effort to have this national designation done.  The organization continues to work with the citizens of the Gullah/Geechee Nation to insure that their human rights are protected and that the culture continues for the generations to come.
The Gullah/Geechee Sea Island Coalition
  • advocates for the rights of all Gullah/Geechee people around the world
  • promotes and participates in the preservation of Gullah/Geechee history, heritage, culture, and language.
  • works toward Sea Island land re-acquisition and maintenance.
  • celebrates Gullah/Geechee culture through artistic and educational means electronically and via “grassroots scholarship.”
Membership in the Coalition is open to all people around the world that want to work toward these goals.   Members and supporters around the world receive “De Conch” ezine on a monthly basis.  Members are also subscribed to “De Nayshun Nyews” listserve for updates and conversations.
The Gullah/Geechee Sea Island Coalition’s “Alkebulan Archive” is the ONLY archive in the world totally dedicated to Gullah/Geechee history, heritage, and culture.  It is the research base for the International University of the Gullah/Geechee Nation.  Currently, the members and supporters of the Gullah/Geechee Sea Island Coalition are supporting the digitization of the archive.
The Gullah/Geechee Sea Island Coalition’s “Gullah/Geechee Living Learning Center” partners with the Hunting Island Nature Center and the St. Helena Island Branch Library in order to provide monthly programming and workshops on historic St. Helena Island, SC in the Gullah/Geechee Nation.
To apply to do research or stay at the "Hunnuh Home Research & Retreat Center" email

To apply to do research or stay at the “Hunnuh Home Research & Retreat Center” email

The Coalition operates the “Hunnuh Home Gullah/Geechee Research & Retreat Center” which is open to researchers and educational groups throughout the year.  To apply to do research, email
Annually the Gullah/Geechee Sea Island Coalition is a sponsor of the Gullah/Geechee Nation International Music & Movement Festival which moves to different parts of the Gullah/Geechee Nation and areas of the African Diaspora.  As well as the host of numerous tour and educational groups at their Gullah/Geechee Coalition Center.  To register your group for an authentic Gullah/Geechee tour and/or workshop, email
Throughout the year, the Coalition has a number of events which are broadcast on Gullah/Geechee Riddim Radio hosted by the founder of the Coalition, Queen Quet.  The broadcast was launched for the Coalition’s anniversary in 2009. 
Tune in to learn of the many projects that the Gullah/Geechee Sea Island Coalition has successfully completed and on-going activities of the organization: 
To become a part of the Gullah/Geechee Sea Island Coalition 
email and to contribute send snail mail to:
Gullah/Geechee Sea Island Coalition
Post Office Box 1207 
St. Helena Island SC 29920 
Membership and Gullah/Geechee items can also be obtained at the “Gullah/Geechee Nation Online Store”
or you can make a donation and become a member at the same time by supporting the
Gullah/Geechee Land & Legacy Fund 
Gulah/Geechee Land & Legacy Fund
Click here to contribute->
Gullah/Geechee Nation Flag
“Hunnuh mus tek cyare de root fa heal de tree.”
• Queen Quet, Founder of the Gullah/Geechee Sea Island Coalition



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